It's your business. Mind if we join it?

If you spend much time talking shop with a company CEO, sooner or later the conversation comes around to the topic of change ... fragmenting markets ... globalized competition ... instant communications ... real-time customer response ...

Depending on your industry, these terms can take on different forms (to say nothing of a galaxy of acronyms), but the one issue all companies struggle with today is the need to manage Change effectively.

So when we started Winet Communications, it occurred to us that we might best serve our clients by addressing the same issues in our own business that managers in other industries deal with every single day. We set out to build a communications company that supports managers managing change.

We began by slaying a few sacred cows.

Bigger isn't always better. In this business success comes through small teams of smart people doing hard work. So we've built a structure that makes it easy for talented people to collaborate no matter where they are.

Service isn't a synonym for Lunch. Advertising and design is a people business. And we would never diminish the roles personality and leadership play in making great communications. But in a world of two-day turnarounds we find that we get a lot more mileage from Adobe Acrobat than American Express.

Where do you want to go, Tomorrow? You hear a lot of high-minded chatter these days about product positioning and market awareness. In a world of change, it seems lot smarter to worry about where the market is headed rather than where it appeared to be yesterday. As a result, when we talk about your company, we talk about trajectory, not position. It keeps everything moving forward.

In the final analysis, Winet Communications isn't looking to assume star status in the advertising industry. We're organized to achieve star status with today's managers. With outstanding creative. Strategic thinking. And innovative applications of communications technology in service of your account.

We put it this way: We want to be your communications resource. We want to be in the cubicle right next to yours. We want to help make your company more successful than it might otherwise have been.

So the next move is yours. Contact us, and ask for our take on any of the topics at the left.

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